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 ● Wireless Mesh Router RMR Series (details)

The RMR Wireless Mesh Router series, is a product able to autonomously build wireless mesh LAN networks just by simply turning the power on. It enables the construction of self-supported wireless LAN networks to covering wide areas. Release in 2005, a variety of customers have been repeatedly getting satisfactory results. In addition, we offer a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the RMR9000, so it is also possible to do additional development and implementation of unique features for our customers. Please see here for contents related to the development SDK.

RMR9000 Standard Model  RMR9000 show case 1  RMR9000 show case 2  MeshVista


 Computer Vision Sensing (details)

Offered to systems integrators, these are solutions that meet the needs of customers that demand the extraction of  "meaning" from video information and turn it into quantifiable data suitable for further processing. Moreover, by combining video processing solutions with our wireless mesh router, systems can be deployed to a variety of places.

Parking Space Monitoring
Traffic Counting monitoring congestion in an even hall



 AirTube  : service oriented mesh network solution for Android applications  (details)

AirTube is a networking library for Android providing Service Discovery, Publish/Subscribe Asynchronous Messaging, and Application Layer Mesh Networking functionality.  AirTube network requires no server. With its simple and easy to use API, AirTube shortens the development cycle of network applications for mobile devices. For example, applications to share multimedia content, such as camera, microphone, speaker, or sensors among multiple Android devices, can be developed in a very short time frame.

AirTube is free and licensed under the LGPL v3.



 Android solutions (details)

We perform software development that takes advantage of the features of Android devices, from the software platform extensions to Multimedia Applications. Regarding the software platform area, we participate in Google AOSP (Android Open Source Project), and we distribute the code developed through AOSP, etc. We offer tools to System Integrator that can useful in project development.

  • show case
Android wireless mesh networking Computer Vision solution on Android device
Wireless Mesh over Galaxy Nexus and Nexus7

Traffic count / analysis on Nexus7


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